Akash Kumbhar: An extraordinary photographer.

March 3, 2019 Shanu poddar

Akash KumbharAkash Kumbhar

a - Akash Kumbhar: An extraordinary photographer.

Akash Kumbhar a very focused and one of the smartest when it comes to photography and making it visible to people. Age doesn’t matter when we work for our dreams to turn into reality. Akash says, “most of the people think when they hear about my world record, that there might be a 40- 50-year-old photographer on the other side. But what I believe that age doesn’t matter if you are 25 you can achieve anything you work hard for.’’


His dad is Government Officer in Maharashtra Govt., his mother is a housewife. His brother is into hotel industry and sister is a software engineer. A well-focused and a family with a very strong background but at the same time very down to earth people.

Friend the other family we have. He has a very amazing friend group where many are into army sector and he himself had an urge to do something for the country which he did through his photography. His family and friends are always there to support him for any of his projects.


When we say about our passion or our career, we start looking for colleges and degrees. But the most important thing we should strive for is dedication. Akash is one among them he looked for skills and was thrilled to get them all right.

After his 12th instead of going to college, he went for diploma courses and tried to make himself better by practicing the skill of photography. Of course, like every family, they also wanted him to get a degree for better things in the future but now as they see him as such a hard-working personality the topic has vanished somewhere.


In, 2012 he started with photography. Akash had it clear that he has to go for Bollywood and fashion industry and as he started, he got big projects. With the improvement in his skills, he was demanded more for his work. Photography basically an art which you learn by practicing more and more.

In 2015 he had a major accident but that didn’t let him stop. In 2017 he went to Bombay and worked for 6 months over there. Got many Bollywood projects and build a name on his own. Then planned to come back to Pune.

He focuses on marketing a lot which is important for any business. He makes sure that every time he gets visibility to the audience. 3K4A5638 300x234 - Akash Kumbhar: An extraordinary photographer.

Akash also did a photo shoot of Nick Orton CEO Bodypower, Where Nick recognized his passion and that’s how Akash explained his idea of the World Record which was made possible at Bodypower Expo Mumbai.

World Record India” it was the most applauded thing done by him. On the 12th of January, he did a photo shoot of 274 fitness models by striking different poses in 10 hrs.


Akash says he is all because of social media. The most primitive source to grow. Facebook And Instagram made a good showcase of his work. He thanks all his followers and fans who had trust in his ability and believed in him.

He is also doing interviews with various news and radio channels. All these sources made people aware of their achievements in a lot of different ways. He loves it when people know him by the name “Record Holder”.


WOW, Awards in 2018, as the outstanding fashion photographer.

First Fitness photographer record holder (World Record India on 12th January 2019)

Has also shot three covers for International lifestyle magazine ‘BE’. 3K4A4268 300x214 - Akash Kumbhar: An extraordinary photographer.


Akash is starting with a photography workshop tour on 6th March 2019, in all over Maharashtra. The workshop would be free of cost, in different schools of different cities. It is basically for those who are passionate about fitness and fashion photography and want to learn and make career in it. Target is to reach up to 100000 students. Also student would be experiencing a motivational session on photography and how it is to be taken in right direction for better future.

Akash is also coming up with a WEB SERIES on Indian fitness athletes. Where you will see a different side of him hosting the show as well as interviewing the Athletes. As the name cannot be disclosed. I must tell you people waiting for it that he is one of the most know athletes in India and has Won many titles for India and Maharashtra.

Concluding to the interview Akash says, “There are lots of surprises came in life and I grabbed them all, worked hard on them and came this far. Just work on yourself and your dreams you can be the new face of achievements.”